talent. collaboration. relevant theatre. telling a story. raising awareness. making your own magic. support. showcasing. discovering. listening. inspiring. being inspired. breaking the mould. daring to be different. creating. devising. hard work. dedication. dreaming. the future.


Interval Productions are a Multi Award Nominated Production Company based in London.

Our ethos is simple - new writing, new talent, collaboration - and a family feel.


Interval was established in 2009 because we saw a gap in the market, so many performers were getting told that they 'needed more experience' before they could land their dream job - well where the hell would they get that if they weren't going to be given the chance? In came us. We don't care about your background. Talent is talent as far as we're concered, and it'd be a pleasure to have you with us.


Same goes for new work - often it's workshopped for years and years when the real test is so often in the audience reaction. We're about getting work on its feet, giving creatives a chance to try things out, and actors a chance to make their mark on new characters, and an audience a chance to see it all from the beginning, be there witnessing the piece as it grows. Many established performers feel as passionate about this as we do and so our talented newbies are regularly paired alongside West End 'names'.


When it comes to the work we produce? We want to give our audiences the kind of stories they want to hear, performed by the talent they want to watch. We listen to our audiences, their opinion matters and we hope that every show they come to, they leave with a new favourite song, composer, writer or performer. Maybe all four.


We want theatre to be relevant, and to target our generation. As aspiring 20/30 somethings ourselves we listen to the top 40, we know the issues involving us politically and emotionally and we want the theatre we produce to represent that. We want our audiences to feel something and to leave the theatre with questions, let's open each others eyes and tell some stories, theatre is a powerful thing when you have something to say.



Join us. This is only the beginning.